See The Role [Seer Crawl day 33]

Pieta with Paparazzi_David Robinson
pieta and paparazzi

Your thought to ponder for today: a slow read through THE SEER. Day 33. [all material from the book appears in italics]:



That was a lot. My head was full. And I was late for a dinner appointment with my friend Bruce so I ran out. I don’t like to be late.

When I got to the restaurant Bruce was waiting for me. The waiter asked if we wanted a booth or a table and I saw a table in the corner. I always like to have my back to the wall so I can see what’s happening. The moment I asked the waiter for the corner table I realized I was locating myself: I like corner tables. I like my back to the wall. I like to see.

I’ve known Bruce a long time. We were friends in college. We don’t see each other often but I recognized that I was already shifting roles. While I was chatting with Virgil I was a receiver of guidance. Now I was in a new role, listener – a giver of guidance. I was amused to be so aware of my role change. It felt like taking off one mask and replacing it with another. It was seamless! Bruce usually calls when he needs advice or wants to vent about work and I am accustomed to this role; it is comfortable, defined. It is the role I play with him.

I watched Bruce’s role change momentarily. He was telling me of his latest frustration at school when the waiter came to the table. Bruce is very knowledgeable about wines and takes great pride in ordering the right wine for us. He instantly transformed into an authority, someone in charge. Once he’d selected the wine, the mask of authority fell away and he once again assumed his role of beleaguered teacher.

Over Bruce’s shoulder I saw the waiter, consummate professional with guests, drop his manner when he was behind the bar with the bartender. They were clearly friends and were having a good laugh about something. Then, with the bottle of wine, his professional waiter role resumed, and he approached our table with his waiter mask firmly in place.

This assignment was going to be fun. I already felt as if I was seeing myself in a new light and was now aware of all the other actors that perform in my play.

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