Sing Your Song [Seer Crawl day 22]

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Your thought to ponder for today: a slow read through THE SEER. Day 22. [all material from the book appears in italics]:


I don’t know what I don’t know. And, I don’t know what I do know. I’m practicing not knowing. I’m telling myself, “Be curious.” And, it is hard because all I want right now is to know. I want an answer. I want a prescription. I want to see where I’m going. I want to know what to do.

And then I found an envelope tucked into my shoulder bag. I opened the envelope and found this quote written on stationary from the Holiday Inn Express in Hastings, Nebraska:

“People take on the shapes of the songs and the stories that surround them, especially if they don’t have their own song.” Neil Gaiman


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