Consider The Names [Seer Crawl day 20]

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Your thought to ponder for today: a slow read through THE SEER. Day 20. [all material from the book appears in italics]:

Snippets from the beginning of the 3rd Recognition [You Are Telling Yourself A Story].

If 1) You Don’t Have A Problem, You Have A Pattern, and 2) Your Language Matters, then 3) Your pattern of language, how you name yourself and your world, equates to a story. Think of it this way: you can either be walking in a mine field or a field of opportunity – and that has nothing to do with the world outside you and everything to do with the story you tell yourself, the lens through which you choose to see…:


It is one thing to name yourself. It is another to have others name you.


Like Parcival, I took the names others called me and added them to the names I called myself. It made for a dark and shameful story. Like Parcival I, too, accepted that I was responsible for the wasteland. I had no idea what went wrong or why. I felt that I somehow deserved these names so I folded them into my now dark story.


When I was a little kid I had a paper route. Every morning I got up before the sun. I folded and banded the papers. I stuffed them in a big canvas shoulder bag and walked the neighborhood putting newspapers on porches. I never threw the papers on the porches. I placed them. Placing the papers on the porches was my innovation….

…What excited me was realizing that I had an advantage and my advantage was not in how I did my work, the doing came second. My advantage was in how I saw my work. My friends thought delivering papers was a task. I knew it was a business. I don’t know how I knew but I already understood that there was a vast difference between doing a task and creating a business. I knew my business was about knowing my customers’ preferences. I knew my business was about standing in other people’s shoes and seeing what might make life easier for them; it only looked like I was delivering newspapers.

I was telling myself a much different story than all of the other delivery boys.

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