Name Your Story [Seer Crawl day 17]

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A thought to ponder: a slow read through THE SEER. Day 17. [all material from the book appears in italics]:

Reading the story of Parcival as a boy, I couldn’t imagine not knowing my name. I was intrigued by the part in the story when the woman comes out of the forest and tells Parcival his name. In a single stroke, in one simple word, she names him and in his mind he transforms from being a generic role, “Dear Son,” to someone specific with a name, “Parcival.” His whole world turned on one simple word. And then, BAM! Before he could fully inhabit his new name she tacked on a label: “the Unfortunate.” He would forever see his life through the eyes of that simple phrase, the Unfortunate.

When my business collapsed my friends said things like, “It’s a stroke of bad luck!” or “Not your fault!” or “The next one will be the charm.” It was exactly the same stuff they told me the last time my business failed. And, I believed it! It was a stroke of bad luck. It wasn’t my fault. There is a charm out there somewhere and if I keep looking I will find it. So, my success was dependent upon a charm and had nothing to do with my hard work. BAM! Suddenly I too, was “the Unfortunate.”

Perhaps Virgil was not delusional after all. When I started listening to how I named my story I saw that I was the one who was delusional. Maybe there was a layer beneath problems and patterns that he was trying to get me to see.

I pulled up our last chat sequence and read it. My mouth dropped open when I read what I’d written about looking for patterns:

Me: …I saw relationships between things. I saw how things were shaped…. I saw how things could be improved. I was seeing through different eyes.

Instead of trying to solve for a problem, what if I had eyes that could see how things were patterned so I could clearly see how they might be improved?

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