Flip It [Seer Crawl day 16]


a slow read through THE SEER. Something to Ponder, day 16. [all material from the book will appear in italics]:


Words are more powerful than we know. I think this is at least part of what Virgil is trying to get me to see. If I put a label on it, that is what I will see. So far, that’s the crux of his message to me.

I remember reading the part in the Bible when Adam gives names to everything. It was as an act of ritual claiming. Give it a name and that’s how it will be seen. I realized that naming an experience good or bad, right or wrong, best or worst is the same thing – a form of claiming. I name my experiences like Adam named the animals! If I name it then that is what I see. When I label my business a failure, when I call myself a failure, then that is what I am and that’s all I will ever see!

Now I could understand why Virgil was so adamant to make me distinguish between having a problem and working on a pattern. Now I understood the power behind his lesson. I was starting to fully grasp why I needed to practice “not knowing.” With “knowing” comes prescribed labels. With “not knowing” the labeling process is interrupted. Then, at least, the naming is conscious.

It is a matter of order. “To know” is to place a label on an experience before having the experience. To “not know” is to reverse the order: the labels follow the experience. Virgil would call this reversal of order a flip.


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