Play A Role [Seer Crawl day 9]

a slow read through THE SEER. day 9. [all material from the book will appear in italics]:


Some cultures actually believe that stories stalk you. They believe that a story is given to you before you are ready to hear it and then the story follows you throughout your life. Stories are patient and will stalk you for years. When it is first given, you miss the meaning of it or perhaps only understand the most superficial layer. So, like your shadow, the story walks with you waiting for the moment that you need it most. At that very moment, it penetrates your being. It becomes you. You become the story.


Stories are like mirrors. They help us to see our selves. Also, we project our selves into them and, in turn, they project adventure into us. Stories are not passive. They are living things. That’s why we seek coaches and counselors: to clarify our story. To un-block our story. To change our story. To challenge our story. To plug in to our story.  It’s why businesses hire consultants. To guide them through a forest. To take them to a high place so they can see. To challenge them to press through simple exploitation of resource into greater service. Business alchemy is a hot and fast moving fire.

That’s why I threaded the story of Parcival through The Seer. To help you see yourself in a mythic context is a great mirror.


Details are important in stories. They reveal pattern. They are very easy to miss and, once missed, the pattern remains invisible. It is an important detail to know that, at this mid-point where we enter the story, Parcival didn’t know his name. His mother had always called him “Dear Son”; she never spoke his name. Just like someone calling me an entrepreneur, or doctor, teacher, lawyer, manager, knight…. Parcival was a role. He had no father. He had no siblings. He had no friends. He’d grown up isolated deep in the woods. For all he knew, “Dear Son” was his name.


Stories begin when someone, the main character, you, gets lost or is knocked off balance.


It’s the first question. It is a great and scary question. Who do you believe yourself to be? Who are you beyond your role?


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