Know The Patten [Seer Crawl day 8]

This is Canopy. It signaled a change in my work, an explosion of old patterns

a slow read through THE SEER. day 8. Excerpts are in italics]

[today’s excerpt to ponder]:

Another valuable thing I learned about stories is that they unfold according to established patterns. Beginning, middle, and end are a simple pattern. Within this simple pattern is a more complex pattern structure. For instance, in order to grow, the main character has to leave behind everything he knows and go on a journey. That journey can be literal or an inner, metaphoric journey. To leave behind “the known” is part of the pattern that leads to trials, confrontations, and catharsis. It’s a pattern. Since each of us is the protagonist in our own story, the pattern is alive and at work in our lives. The trick is to become aware of where you are in the story cycle. Do you need to let go of what you know in order to grow? Are you navigating the trials? What happens once you’ve experienced catharsis?

Stories never begin with being found. We hear a call. We pursue it blindly and discover that we are lost in the woods. Stories begin when someone, the main character, you, gets lost or is knocked off balance.

[You are the protagonist in your own story. Where are you in the story cycle? Where are you in the pattern? These question/concepts apply to businesses as well as people. It’s all a story]

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