Ask Why [Seer Crawl day 4]

a slow read through THE SEER. day 4. [all material from the book will appear in italics]:

Okay. A slight do over.  Before I wrote a HOW I should have written a WHY. It’s about finding an entry point to this book, the reason why this matters today and why it mattered five years ago.

People once understood that to tell a story was an act of power. It had and still has the capacity to focus attention, to shape belief. To blind or illuminate.  For instance, my good friend Horatio told me that the reason we, the people of these United States are always at odds is that we are trying to hold two conflicting stories/narratives. The first: I am my brother’s keeper. The second: every man for himself.

The first opens eyes and focuses life’s action on what one can bring to their community.

The second narrows. It focuses life’s action on what one can get from their community.

A narrative is a lens. It matters what lens you look through. Artistry, like entrepreneurship, like innovation, like all facets of creating, cannot be done in isolation. It requires a look through the first narrative, to seek what you bring. To develop what you bring to others.

And, paradoxically, that often begins with an inward look.

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