Seer Crawl [day 2]

a slow read through THE SEER. day 2. a snippet [all material from the book will appear in italics]:


So, curiosity as an prerequisite of seeing. There’s nothing new there, not really. Until you consider the challenges of turning your curiosity inward. And, isn’t that the central action of all coaching, reaching in to move out. Questioning yourself. Horatio tells me it is the ultimate point of all artistry. To discover yourself.

Shifting a mindset is a dynamic process, not an intellectual exercise. A dynamic process requires an engagement with the day-to-day experiences of life….

When you place your focus on yourself, the hardest thing to see – since you are both the studier and the object of study – is your pattern of thinking and pattern action. To see beyond what you consider “normal.” To see beyond what you think.

The opposite of curiosity is entrenchment and that’s where the pattern work begins. It’s a practice.


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