See A Question [day 1]

a slow read through THE SEER. day 1. a snippet [all material from the book will appear in italics]:


Entrepreneurs, artists, visionaries, innovators, learners, creators, leaders and seekers operate from a different mindset than most people; they see through different eyes. This book is intended to shift your mindset so you might see through entrepreneurial eyes.”

If I were to write the book today, I’d write “through those eyes (not just entrepreneurial eyes),” the eyes of one who cultivates that different mindset. It seems like such a tiny detail but includes rather than reduces a mindset to a single role, entrepreneur. Then, I was writing for entrepreneurs. In my re-read, I found it widely relevant to our times.

I hold a fundamental belief that lives beneath my beginning HOW TO: seeing through different eyes is a learned skill. It is not divinely given. Mindsets can be re-set. They can be opened, and it happens when seeing “shifts.”

Since I wrote this book, I’ve learned that ‘seeing’ and ‘curiosity’ are linked. The mindset shift is available when two things happen: first, seeing is no longer passive receiving, it becomes directional, a looking into. Of course, it requires a desire to see differently. The second involves a re-embracing of natural curiosity. Asking yourself ‘What’s there?” instead of saying to yourself “I’m right” or “I know.” It only makes sense. We see differently when we orient toward a question than when we are oriented toward a fixed answer.

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