Read A Bit At A Time.

title_page copy 2It’s an odd thing. Almost five years ago I published THE SEER and while publishing it I had an overwhelming need to get away from it. Lots of life changes fell in the gap between writing it and publishing it. Tom taught me that sometimes the best thing to do is to let a project or an idea (or a building or book) sit fallow. “New life will pour in if you first create space.”

So, with THE SEER, I’ve created space.

I was a great consumer of books so during this hiatus I made it my practice to read books slowly a few pages or paragraphs at a time. You’d be amazed at what you discover when you aren’t reading to get to the end! At the beginning of the summer I picked up my own book. Enough time had passed. It read like someone else wrote it. Someone else – a younger version of me – did.

I have re-discovered it. If I wrote it today it would have a few more layers to the cake (there was a sequel that I threw away – it was…not right) and I’ve decided in my revisit that THE SEER deserves me to show up with it. To share it. To say, “Take a look. This is worth a read.”

It’s a quick read, a small book. That’s why I decided (yesterday) to go through it with you. Slowly. In very small bites. In the hope that, like me, you might rediscover it, too. And, like me, want to wade a bit deeper into the pool. The first bit will come tomorrow.



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